New Manhattan

New Manhattan are a funk-pop six-piece based in West London and Manchester. We make outrageously danceable disco- and funk-infused songs packed with earworm hooks and bulletproof grooves. We combine catchy, focused song-craft with a passion for sonic experimentation and a love of the absurd, taking cues from David Bowie, Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic and Talking Heads. Our music is joyful and exuberant, our lyrics promote self-respect and inclusiveness, and we dress in androgynous, out-there clothing, inviting the audience to embrace the surreal and express themselves. Our wildly energetic, well-honed stage show never fails to get an audience dancing, and over the last year we’ve played to packed small venues in London, Manchester and New York City. 




University of Manchester Students' Union,
Oxford Road,
Manchester M13 9PR


0161 275 2930